TDA Holds The First Conference on HLP rights in Syria

TDA Holds The First Conference on HLP rights in Syria



The Day After Organization held “The First Conference on Housing, Land and Property (HLP) Rights in Syria” in Istanbul on 24 and 25th March 2022.

The participants were members of Syrian and international organizations, UN agencies, experts in the field of property rights, and research centers.

The main aim was to learn about the experiences, perspectives and different dimensions of  HLP rights, and how they relate to issues such as transitional justice, the return of refugees, the protection of property rights For women, the constitution, and international experiences in dealing with property rights in countries that have experienced military conflicts , wars and displacement.

The agenda of the first day at the conference included discussions on several topics, based on the results of the following papers:

the participants discussed on the second day of the conference, three topics:


In the closing session, the conference participants made several recommendations, most notably:

–  Establishing a Syrian Observatory to document the infringement of property rights.

– Finding a coordinating mechanism that manages the work of all Syrian civil society organizations in the field of HLP rights.