Report: Pilot survey on transitional justice

Posted on: March 4, 2015 at 6:34 pm

Between May 15th, and August 5th, 2014, The Day After (TDA) conducted a pilot survey in a number of Syrian provinces on transitional justice, reconciliation and human rights. The survey included 72 questions on issues of justice, accountability for violence and human rights violations, documentation, reforms, reparations, amnesty and accountability.

Samples were collected in the following areas: Aleppo, Damascus countryside (Douma), Deir Ezzor, Deraa, Hama (Salamiyeh), Hassakeh, Idlib, Lattakiya, Tartous, the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan and the Nazib and Kahrman Mar’ash refugee camps in Turkey, as well as refugees from Kobani (Aleppo). The sample included 1602 respondents.