TJCG Holds Sixth General Assembly Meeting in Gaziantep, Turkey

Posted on: April 26, 2016 at 12:00 pm

The Transitional Justice Coordination Group, a group of 17 Syrian civil society organizations working on issues of justice, documentation, and transition in Syria, came together in Gaziantep, Turkey from the 23 to the 25th of April to hold their sixth general assembly meeting.

The group was presented a report by the executive committee covering past work and discussed the draft proposals put forth by the committee to modify internal procedures. Many of the groups working on transitional justice and civil peace presented before the group. Some international organizations and other Syrian organizations working in the field were invited to attend assecial guests on one of the days, and consult on issues pertaining to transitional justice.

The group agreed on the need to come up with a common vision for a national project that focuses on a framework for transitional justice, guided by TDA’s existing chapter on transitional justice from the original Day After Project. They agreed on a work plan for the upcoming year as follows:

  • The priorities in addressing different violations documentation
  • The most appropriate mechanism for ensuring the widest possible participation in the transitional justice process during the transitional period
  • Organizing a victims’ conference: Empowering victims of enforced disappearances and their families to better advocate around the issues they choose and help them organize.
  • The role the TJCG can play now and after the formation of a transitional authority