The second meeting of the Transitional Justice Coordination Group (statement)

Posted on: May 14, 2014 at 9:40 am

The Transitional Justice Coordinating Group in Syria held its second meeting in Istanbul on 12-14 March, 2014. It was attended by representatives of fifteen non-governmental organizations working in the field of transitional justice in Syria, and observing members of the interim government and the legal committee of the coalition.

The TJCG reviewed the report prepared by the follow-up committee about its work since the last meeting, and discussed the draft proposals on the standards for accepting new organizations and the coordinating mechanisms within the Group. In addition, the TJCG set a strategy for its work over the coming six months.

The follow-up committee presented an overview of the Syrian organizations working in the field of transitional justice and civil peace that can join the TJCG, as well as provided a summary of international organizations working on transitional justice related to Syria.

The TJCG discussed the draft Declaration of Principles developed by the follow-up committee, and approved a modified declaration.

The TJCG recognized the need to develop a common vision that aims to reach a comprehensive national project on transitional justice, and approved a plan of work for the next six months, summarized as follows:

  1. Establish an internal system and regulations for the work of the TJCG.
  2. Prepare a comprehensive survey of all organizations that work in the field of transitional justice and civil peace and human rights in Syria
  3. Communicate with groups that want to join the TJCG, and those that would remain outside the group, and invite them to attend the activities as guests/observers.
  4. Communicate with international organizations in the field of transitional justice and encourage them to contribute their expertise to the Syrian cause and partner with Syrian organizations in this field.

The Committee has identified its activities for the next six months in the following areas:

Documentation: Follow up the documentation process inside Syria.

Truth commissions and fact-finding missions: Identifying groups who work on truth commissions in Syria, what are the working mechanisms of these groups? what is the objective? What is the result?

Victims: Preparing a detailed report on the concept and understanding of the victims and victim’s support organizations.

Reparation and Compensation: Are there organizations working on documenting material losses?

Website: The Group has created a website for Transitional Justice Coordinating Group, and tasked the Executive Committee to supervise it. The website will be the platform for communication internally and externally for the TJCG. It will hold a virtual library, which will include books and papers on transitional justice. It will also include a database of all organizations that work in the field of transitional justice and civil peace, human rights, gender and childhood in Syria.