TDA, the UPenn, and Smithsonian Institute hold a workshop on Syria’s culture heritage

Posted on: August 4, 2014 at 8:32 am

syria-s-cultural-heritage-also-a-victim-of-the-civil-war-article-body-image-1394835967The Day After, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Smithsonian Institution held a workshop in Gaziantep, Turkey, on the topic of preserving archeological collections in Syria. The workshop was organized with the support of the Syrian Interim Government. The Minister of Culture of the Syrian Interim Government, Taghrid Hajaleh, opened the workshop with a speech focusing on the importance of preserving the Syrian cultural heritage. ,the workshop main focus was on documentation of sites and destruction, cooperation and strengthening relationships with the Free Syrian Army in order to increase protection of sites, and increasing awareness of the importance of protecting Syria’s cultural heritageamong the population.