TDA Calls on all member states of the United Nations to take unilateral action for Aleppo

Posted on: December 16, 2016 at 2:37 pm


December 16, 2016


In light of the unprecedented and tragic events unfolding in Aleppo over the past few days, The Day After calls on all member states of the United Nations to take unilateral action to ensure the protection of civilians still trapped in Aleppo, as well as those attempting dangerous escapes.

There is no legal justification of what the Syrian, Russian, and Iranian regimes are doing in Aleppo and in Syria as a whole. In addition to the executions, massacres, besiegement and use of ammunition and bombs against a civilian population – the ongoing forced displacement of the people of Aleppo is a war crime which cannot go unnoticed. It is shameful for the international community to have stood idly by for the past five years, watching the Syrian people die in the hundreds of thousands in order for a dictator to remain propped in his seat. There are no words strong enough to condemn such heinous acts, and one of the worst genocides to take place in modern history.

As stated by TDA executive director, Mutasem Syoufi:

The remarks by Ambassador Power at the UNSC about what is happening in Aleppo are powerful, but would be more appropriate coming from an INGO rather than a world power. They ring similar hollow bells to that of President Obama’s call for Assad to step aside and the famous red line which never was; they remind us of the false narrative that the US government has championed the Syrian Revolution. In fact, the US government has consistently offered Syrians empty words of hope for their pursuit of freedom and justice, whilst standing idly by as they are slaughtered mercilessly by the regime.

The belief that one can shame the Assad/Russian killing machine to abandon its horrific behavior is naive to say the least – the real shame is on those who could have stopped this from happening and spared thousands of lives. Ambassador Power herself publicly acknowledged that Russia is doing this only because the US allowed it to. It is truly sad that despite Ambassador Power’s lobbying for the United States to protect the people of Syria from the brutality of the regime, President Obama has remained complacent, refusing even to advance his non-strategy on Syria. The words of the US should either be backed by real action to save the lives of Syrians, or otherwise be left to ring hollow within the White House’s four walls. Do not attempt to appease Syrians with more empty words if you lack the will and morality to stand by them truly. It’s been said before, and it will be repeated again – the Obama administration will indeed live with a legacy of moral bankruptcy and complicity with one of the worst genocides of modern history.

Thus, given the failure of the United Nations and the complete lack of accountability within its system which still allows for the representation of a brutal dictator within its chambers who continues to present false information under the UN’s protection; we reaffirm our call to member states, and in particular the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Turkey to take action and exercise their duty towards the Syrian people under the Responsibility to Protect Act, as well as their collective duty to take action as per Chapter VII in the United Nation’s Charter.