TDA team meets SIG Prime Minister

Posted on: May 15, 2014 at 4:08 pm

IMG_0049Dr. Ahmad Tomeh, the Prime minister of the interim Syrian cabinet, has met with Wael Al-Sawah, Executive Director of The Day After organization, along with the organization’s staff, in the presence of Mr. Ghazwan Koronful, the director of the national archiving project. Mr. Tomeh has discussed with the delegations of The Day After and The Free Syrian Lawyers the latest developments in the Syrian arena, then the CEO of The Day After gave a presentation about the national archiving project which being undertaken by The Day After in collaboration with The Free Syrian Lawyers Association, the project aims to obtain a digital copy of the Syrian real estate, personal, legal records, just in case if the regime or the radical forces destroy them. Then Mr. Wael Al-Sawah and Mr.Ghazwan koronful presented the prime minister a copy of the real estate records of some Syrian districts for safe keeping in the government’s archives.