Dr.Kawakibi as Chair of the Board of Directors

Posted on: January 11, 2018 at 1:10 pm

The Day After Association is happy to announce the election of Salam Kawakibi as Chair of the Board of Directors. Mr. Kawakibi, a prominent political scientist and activist who served for many years as director of research at the Arab Reform Initiative in Paris, is joined by two other officers of the Board: Dr. Amr al-Azm, elected Vice-Chair of the Board, and Ms. Rafif Jouejati, elected Treasurer. Outgoing Chair of the Board, Dr. Murhaf Jouejati said: “It is with pleasure that I pass the chair of TDA to my good friend and colleague Salam Kawakibi, who brings to TDA the renewed intellectual vigor and energy to which we are committed in our continuous work to support democratic transition in Syria.”